Lazy Shag Backpackers Hostel

The Lazy Shag backpackers in Kaikoura has had a multi-oil clean burn boiler installed to supply the hostel's hot water, slashing the business's electricity bill. The boiler is fired with used cooking oil purchased at low cost from other local business
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The fuel for the boiler is waste cooking oil obtained cheaply from local restaurants and fast food outlets. It currently costs $10 plus delivery per 200-litre drum and there's plenty of it available; the Lazy Shag has around five years of used cooking oil stockpiled currently. In the unlikely event that supplies run out, the boiler can run on anything flammable used engine oil, diesel, or even tallow.

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Hotel/Rest Home/Accommodation
37 Beach Rd Kaikoura
Upper South Island
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Multi-oil boiler slashes Lazy Shag Hostel's hot water bill
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EECA Case Study