Katikati Primary School

A replacement boiler for Katikati Primary School.
Description of facility: 

Installation of a 200 kilowatt (kW) HDG boiler into Katikati primary school meant the school could be confident that heating would be available and reliable. Opting for wood pellets instead of coal also meat cleaner heat and easier fuel handling. The HDG Compact 200 kW boiler was installed with a 2,000 litre buffer tank. Heat for the school is drawn from the buffer tank, and the boiler maintains the temperature in the buffer tank at a constant 90˚C. This ensures the boiler, when it runs, operates at an efficient full capacity rather than part loads. It also means there is a ready store of heat for unexpected demand such as weekend meetings at the school.

The wood pellets are delivered in bulk into the bunker and with the automatic feed into the boiler, it has meant the fuel delivery system is seamless and requires minimal labour input. Wood pellets have a very low ash content, and what ash there is, is automatically cleaned from the boiler into ash containers. The wood pellet ash has Bio-Grow certification as an organic fertiliser, and can therefore be spread on the school gardens.

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Conventional Combustion
Wood Pellets
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Beach Road, Katikati 3129, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Upper North Island
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