James Blond Transport

An Auckland vehicle hire firm saw a business advantage in switching to biodiesel, believing it would boost its overall appeal and attract customers keen to do their bit for the environment
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The firm chose not to run a pilot nor liaise with the fleet’s engine manufacturers; most of the fleet was no longer under warranty, so retaining warranty status was not a consideration.
Following discussions with supplier Environ Fuels, a 1,000 litre fuel storage tank was installed at the James Blond site (at no cost to the rental company) and the commercial fleet switched fuels in September 2009, using a blend of 20% biodiesel
with ordinary diesel (B20).
No modifications to the engines or fuel systems were required, other than having to change the fuel filter at each vehicle’s next service – standard practice when switching over to biodiesel.

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Liquid biofuel
Transport Fuel Supply
Used Cooking Oils
4004 Great North Road
Upper North Island
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James Blond Ltd – seeing a competitive edge
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EECA case study