Green Island gas to energy project (Dunedin)

Commissioned in May 2012,The gas engine project comprising containerised power generation and blower modules uses biogas from the waste water treatmnet plant as a fuel.
Description of facility: 

The Blower Drier module comprises a gas blower, which provides the suction to extract landfill gas from the landfill. The compressed gas is passed through a refrigerated heat exchanger and filtration system, designed to remove moisture and particulate from the raw gas. The treated gas is then re-heated before transmission to the gas engine. Both modules were packaged within modified ISO shipping containers, allowing rapid and cost-effective installation on site. The gas is transported from the nearby landfill to the generator via a 500m long pipe where it is blended with gas produced by the treatment plant’s digesters. The gas engine selected is a Waukesha model VGF48GLD, with an electrical output of 625kWe. Heat is recovered from the engine via a plate heat exchanger and integrated into the WWTP heating loop.

Facility type: 
Water Treatment
Municipal Waste
Primary Output: 
Green Island , Dunedin
Lower South Island
Geo Location: 
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